Word of Mouth

Reader: The Post Is Chicken for Rich People!

Fried chicken is sizzling hot around Denver these days — whether you're enjoying the Japanese version, kara age, at one of the spots Mark Antonation touts, such as Sakana — or at the Post Brewing Company in Lafayette, whose brined fried chicken is so crackling good it won our Best Fried Chicken award in the Best of Denver 2015. (It also took Best Pie.) So it's not surprising that the Post recipe developed by executive chef Brett Smith and company will soon land in other parts of the metro area, at sibling GoodBird Kitchen locations coming to Longmont and Stapleton. But will the concept fly outside of the Post? Warns Chris:
The Post is chicken for rich people! Seriously, it's the most expensive place to buy chicken dishes. Entrees are a ripoff as you have to buy sides seperately! Then the beer is like $6 or more each! A fool and his money are quickly parted. But you say the atmosphere is why you pay more? After all, you could stay home and save $50 on a single meal. Well, it's very loud, crowded and parking is a nightmare. Fun? I'm not going back. Too many options at much lower prices in Lafayette! I'm sure the new locations will also serve the Lexus crowd. I want a PBR, canned chicken with mashed and beans for $15, tops, and that's easy to find!
Canned chicken? Not so sure how easy that is to find, but enjoy! Meanwhile, Brett has his own suggestion:
Sorry...my fried chicken is the best in Colorado. Flour and spices + cast iron skillet.
Where do you go when you want fried chicken? Have you tried the Post? One of the kara age dishes around town?