Dareon Tarbor, Parker Road Shooting Victim: "Do Not Allow Our Sons to Forget"

Update: Yesterday, we told you about a weekend shooting outside an apartment complex near East Dartmouth Avenue and South Parker Road during which residents tried valiantly but failed to save the victim, who kept repeating the phrase, "I can't breathe." See our previous coverage below.

Now, the Denver County coroner has identified the man as Dareon Tarbor, thirty.

"The cause of death was determined to be from gunshot wounds," the office's release reads. "The manner was determined to be homicide."

Reaction online by those in Tarbor's circle has been intense and emotional, with a number of posts relating the shooting to grim incidents that have taken place locally and nationally.

One item reads: "Gun violence claimed the life of my cousin Dareon Dae Ray Tarbor yesterday. Please be in prayer for his mother Daree Tarbor his father Darryl Tarbor, his brother, sister and entire family. I having children can not even imagine what I would feel like if this was one of my children. Please pray for and support them as they deal with this tragedy."

Another is written as a letter to the community at large.
Dear Village,

I am saddened for the life lost of our "son" Dareon Tarbor. I do not know him personally. However, I am still stricken by grief as a mother of three sons. Each day I tell my boys how important their lives are to them/you/I and that they're loved.

We cannot go on another day without telling them the importance of love/peace/unity.

When I hastag ?#?WeAreOurVillageKeepers,? it's to encourage you/I/we are one body and what affects one of us, affects us all on a positive or negative. There's just no way of getting around that! I felt a spirit last night and it sent chills through my body...when I had awake this morning my heart felt heavy and I then read a post about the death of this young man...he was my son although not biologically however he looked just like them. So as a mother of 3 sons this is my message to the village.... Black Lives Matter and never forget that and do not allow our sons to forget, either.
Thus far, no arrests have been announced in the case and no suspect information has been released.

Our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of Dareon Tarbor. Continue for our previous coverage.

Original post, 5:18 a.m. October 12:
Most of us spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the sort of weather that seems even more glorious during October.

But residents of an apartment complex near East Dartmouth Avenue and South Parker Road experienced shock and horror.

First, they heard a weapon firing.

Then they found the victim of the gunshots.

Even though Good Samaritans did everything humanly possible to save his life, he subsequently died from his wounds.

And at this writing, the person or persons responsible for this crime are still at large.

According to CBS4, the incident took place around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 10.

The first official communication about what went down came via this Denver Police Department tweet....

...with a second tweet providing a grim update:

What happened?

Witnesses say they heard between four and six shots ring out from an area near the apartments' laundry room.

Shortly thereafter, they caught sight of the victim, a male said to be around thirty years of age.

“He just kept saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, help me, I can’t breathe,'” says Brittany Alshawy, one of those who hurried to assist the man. “He kept rolling and rolling and he ended up taking his shirt off and you could see the bullet holes in his chest and his arm.”

Apartment dwellers on upper floors began to throw down towels to those on the ground.

Helpers used them to try and stanch the bleeding while asking the man who shot him.

But Alshawy says the man didn't name any suspects.

Instead, he kept repeating that he couldn't breathe.

“You could basically see he was dying in front of us,” she notes.

Unfortunately, she was right. The victim didn't respond to treatment after being raced to a local hospital.

Thus far, the man has yet to be identified, pending next-of-kin notification. Neither has the DPD shared a description of any suspects — although they believe there may have been more than one of them. No arrests have been announced at this writing.

Our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of the victim. Continue to see the CBS4 piece.