Colorado Rockies Facebook Friends Rip Team for Bringing Back Coaching Staff

Back in October 2014, when the Colorado Rockies finally said goodbye to longtime general manager Dan O'Dowd, we wondered if the change would make any difference given that Dick Monfort still owns the team.

Unfortunately, the 2015 season demonstrated that Rockies fans like us were right to have our doubts.

Instead of replacing O'Dowd with an outsider who might have brought along a fresh perspective, Monfort promoted from within, naming Jeff Bridich the new GM and leaving manager Walt Weiss in place.

What followed was another horrific season — a mere 68 wins and another last place finish in the National League West. And the biggest move during the season was to deal Troy Tulowitzki to Toronto, where he helped inspire the team to reach the playoffs.

Did the sight of Tulo playing October baseball in another squad's uni inspire a shakeup at Rockies HQ? Hardy. Yesterday, the team placed the following post on its Facebook page yesterday: "Jeff Bridich and Walt Weiss have announced that the 2015 Rockies Major League field staff will return in 2016."

The Rockies' Facebook friends reacted with appropriate frustration and disgust. Below, check out some of their most memorable responses, illustrated with images from the Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page.

"The Rockies also announced that all 90 losses will return for the 2016 season."

"Thank god we're not changing anything from last season. This is what smart teams do, when something is working you dont change a single thing! I can't wait for 2016, we might have a chance to win 70. Woooooooooo!"

"You can bet Tulowitzski is laughing uncontrollably ! Enjoying being on a team that is playing for the American League pennant. And we get stuck with a shortstop that could not make a bush league team."

"It's so great to have Bridich back! We are all rooting for him to trade away all of our other assets in exchange for more overpaid over-the-hill veterans! Let's go big and make our rebuilding effort a 20-year, rather than 5-year project! Yay Rockies! #FiretheMonforts."

"Bridich is the new Josh McDaniels. Trade all of the big names away. Man, we need new pitching staff. And as I have mentioned, every and I mean every playoff team this year has a recent former Rocky!"

"Being content with mediocrity is what being a Rockies fan is all about."

"The field staff? As in, the guys who make the grass look nice? Ok, we can keep them. The field looks pretty nice and the lines are always painted straight. Apparently they're the only ones on the staff who know how to do their jobs. Fire everyone else."

"Yeah, those groundskeepers do a great job! What about the lousy coaching staff?"

"Because they are doing such a good job.....what a joke. As a Denver native I'm embarrassed of this franchise. They need to clean house starting with the ownership."

"The only job in the world where you don't have to be successful what so ever and still have a job next year!"

"So did they just announce they'll be in the cellar instead of the playoffs in 2016 too? #firerichardmonfort."

"Why is change needed?...This club is very consistent....bottom 5 in baseball yearly but let's stay the course...cant wait for 2016...yeah right."

"Astounding they lose close to 100 games and see no reason to make a single change in management."

"Hooray for last place!"