#BenchManning: Top Tweets By Backers and People Who Think They're Idiots

This weekend, your Denver Broncos have a bye — meaning there's nothing that can happen to worsen their 6-0 record, which reached its present level after an improbable win over the Cleveland Browns on October 18.

But that hasn't stopped the complaining about quarterback Peyton Manning, who's thrown more interceptions than touchdown passes this season and is among the lowest-ranked QBs in the league — something that would be more of a problem without the Broncos' incredible defense.

This dissatisfaction has been circulating on Twitter under the hashtag #BenchManning — yet not everyone using it agrees that it's time for Peyton to ride the pine.

Below, we've collected twenty memorable tweets — the first ten from fans who truly think it's time to sit Peyton in favor of largely untested (but much younger) backup Brock Osweiler, while the second ten represent folks who see that strategy as the height of stupidity.

Check out the entire collection below.

Pro #BenchManning: Number 10
Pro #BenchManning: Number 9
Pro #BenchManning: Number 8
Pro #BenchManning: Number 7
Pro #BenchManning: Number 6
Pro #BenchManning: Number 5