Photos: The Stanley's Shining Ball Brings Out All the Spooky Boys and Ghouls

The annual Shining Ball at the notoriously haunted Stanley Hotel celebrates the building's ties to the Stephen King novel and Stanley Kubrick film. In 1974, King stayed in room 217, where he allegedly was visited by spirits while he was sleeping. According to hotel staff legend, the horror writer was so spooked he had to vacate the room in the middle of the night. That inspired King's The Shining, in which a hotel manager and his family are tormented by poltergeists emanating from room 237. The real-life 217 was the epicenter of a gas explosion, just one of many true macabre stories about the hotel. Kevin J. Beaty was at the ball last weekend, and captured all the spooky boys and ghouls.
Watch for our video on the Stanley coming before Halloween, when all the spooks and spirits will be out. And see the complete Stanley Shining Ball slideshow now.