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Reader: Prove to Me That Pot is ANYTHING like Crack, Meth or Heroin

A recent Comment of the Day suggesting that reefer madness can create meth heads was prompted by our post about new billboards that cite marijuana potency.

The main message of the one above, put in place near Boulder, asks the question, "Dad, is today's Pot a hard drug?"

Plenty of readers have been aghast at the decision of Smart Colorado, the organization behind the billboards, to essentially equate marijuana with the most powerful narcotics.

The following post exemplifies this reaction.

Talina Ann Smith writes:
I want to see this evidence showing weed is ANYTHING like crack, meth, heroin, etc. There is nothing dangerous about showing facts to be facts. I've never met a middle schooler who believes pot and herion have anything alike except their classification as drugs by the Federal gov't. Quit acting like everyone is stupid — this is just as silly as the idea that anyone would want to hand out edibles for Halloween.

This is the sound of my eyes rolling as I walk off.