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Iconic Coney Island Hot Dog Stand for Sale in Bailey (With Video)

How much would you pay for a hot dog — a really big hot dog? That would be somewhere In the ballpark of $1.5 million, if the hot dog in question is the wiener-shaped Coney Island Boardwalk in Bailey, which was put up for sale last month. The owners of the famed road-trip stop posted a Craigslist ad advertising that the iconic building, two apartment units, a warehouse and the surrounding riverfront property are all part of the package.

A price is not included in the ad, but 9News reported it as $1,495,000 on Saturday. Coney Island was last up for sale in 2011 when  owner Ron Aigner listed it for $499,000, but that was just for the enormous frankfurter itself; Aigner was hoping someone would trailer the 18-ton structure to a new location from its current home in Bailey, where it has attracted lovers of kitsch and diner-style food since 2006.

Coney Island's original home was on West Colfax Avenue, where it was installed in 1966, but it has moved several times since then. Before coming to rest in Bailey, it was located off Highway 285 in Aspen Park.

Here's a video tour of the eatery posted by real estate agent Jim Urban, who is representing Aigner in the sale.