Word of Mouth

Reader: "Pour Over" Coffee Is Pretentious as Hell

This is a short work week, but you're going to need plenty of coffee to get through to Thursday. Fortunately, there are shops all over town pouring the stuff right now, including the Allegro Coffee Roasters that just opened at 4040 Tennyson Street. The first full-service Allegro shop (there's another outlet attached to an Adams County school administration building) offers plenty of specialty drinks, including pour-over. And that inspires this from Ted:
Am I the only one who finds the whole "pour-over" thing at coffee shops pretentious as hell?
 Responds Scott: 
No...I feel the same way. You can make some wonderful coffee using the method but the extent of such method, especially in public, is a bit more theater than is needed for a good cup.
What's your go-to coffee spot in Denver? And would you order a pour-over?