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Reader: If You Destroy Historic Building, We'll Hate You and You'll Look Like a D*ck

Patricia Calhoun's column about the building at 119 South Broadway — once the famed Webber Show theater, more recently Kitty's South, a porn palace — noted that the current owner, Wade Murphy, has asked for the City of Denver to designate it as a non-historic structure.

Such a categorization would allow Murphy to scrape and redevelop the property, although he says he has other plans that would involve preserving the space.

Our readers had plenty of passionate thoughts about preservation, gentrification and other related topics.

Here's an example — one that puts Murphy on notice.

Jerri Theil writes:
Something has to be done with this building. Everybody cries about gentrification, but a historic gorgeous building is crumbling before our eyes and people with no vested interest in the land or building are boohooing about somebody doing something with the building.

All I ask is that you make sure it is cool, Wade Murphy. Otherwise we will all hate you, and you will look like a dick.