Top Tweets About Whether Brock Should Keep Starting for Broncos Over Peyton

The big question going into the November 22 game pitting the Broncos against the Bears in Chicago: Would Brock Osweiler, getting his first NFL regular season start on his 25th birthday, do enough while filling in for an injured Peyton Manning to create a quarterback controversy.

For some, the Broncos' 17-15 road win over a team with plenty of folks with Denver connections (QB Jay Cutler, head coach John Fox, offensive coordinator Adam Gase) has answered that question. For others, the jury is still out.

Granted, Osweiler completed 20 of 27 passes for 250 yards and didn't throw an interception — a stark contrast with Manning, who has been tossing picks at a disturbing rate this year. But even though the Bears have been playing better of late, they're no one's idea of a juggernaut, and the low-scoring, nail-biting finish, aided immeasurably by another staunch performance by the defense, pretty much mimics the way Manning won earlier in the season.

Still, lotsa folks have already reached their conclusions about Osweiler moving forward, as evidenced by the following twenty tweets, illustrated by images from the game. Check them out below.

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