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Reader: When Flying Out of DIA Thanksgiving Weekend, It's BYOT (Turkey)

Denver International Airport has been working hard on its restaurant offerings over the past few years, and the program just ramped up with the opening of the Westin Denver International Airport, which features the third Grill & Vine restaurant in the country as well as a bar with a fabulous view. And soon the hotel will add a brewpub, which seems like a lock to make our 2016 list of the best places to eat and drink at DIA. But still, there are plenty of tasty options right now, as outlined in our Thanksgiving 2015 edition of the Ten Best Restaurants at Denver International Airport. Says Joe:
Love Que Bueno! Can't wait until they land in the former Session Kitchen on South Pearl!
Adds Heather:
 I would say Chef Jimmy's Bistro and Spirits in Concourse A is orders of magnitude better (food quality, variety, reasonable prices) than Boulder Beer Taphouse in the terminal. But the rest are good choices.
Concludes Sarah:
I'm still planning to pack in a leftover turkey sandwich when I fly out Friday. No stuffing, though: Those planes are jammed enough already.
Be careful, Sarah: If your sandwich is too big, Frontier might charge you to carry it on!

Heading to Denver International Airport this holiday weekend? You might want to leave early enough so that you can see the new Westin, and grab a drink at the lobby bar. But first, watch our video on the changes at DIA.