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Reader: I Can't Go Home for Two Years Over One Gram of Pot

We recently posted about four young men arrested in Missouri for possessing five grams or less of Colorado marijuana products — an offense that carries a maximum sentence of seven years in jail in that state.

Plenty of readers were aghast at this possibility, particularly when it's perfectly legal for adults here to purchase such items.

Among those sharing views was a person with personal experience with such situations.

He describes himself as a drug-war victim. Here's why.

A Facebook friend writes:
Same thing happened to me. I used to grow bud in Cali. No threat was against me there. I came back to Wisconsin to visit family and got busted with a gram. Now I'm on probation for two years before I can go back. They should have exercised harm reduction. In knowing that other states have laws against marijuana, they now know that it was a giant risk that wasn't worth it. They won't get 7 years. That's the maximum. They will likely get probation unless they are multiple offenders. It is messed up, but if these guys get off with a slap on the wrist, then please do the same for me and thousands of other drug-war victims.