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Reader: People Are Moving Out of Denver Because They Can't Afford Calirado

Here's a reason to give thanks: The rate of rent increases is slowing in Denver. But don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet. This city is still breaking records for average rents, and the results are ugly, says Andy:
The rich Californians and Chicago creatures will just keep flooding in. The moneyed elite are making a fortune here while the bulk of the working poor are being run out of their homes. Sad, really.  I know people moving out to places like Alabama (ugh) because they can't afford to live in Calirado anymore. The irony is yuppies are disrupting way more lives here than any Syrian could ever dream of. The homeless population growing like a weed now —  enjoy that blast of desperation every time you step out your front door.
Is Denver's boom a bonus, or a blight? Is Colorado starting to look like Calirado to you?