Zoie Martin-Macko's Body Splashed With Acid — But Was She Murdered?

Zoie Martin-Macko, known on Facebook as Zoie Alexa, died at age 22 under awful circumstances.

Her body was found on November 16 in an alley near West Bayaud Street, between South Alcott and South Bryant.

Court documents obtained by 7News note that a “caustic liquid substance appeared to have saturated parts of her clothing and caused injury to large areas of her skin."

Her mother, Olga Martin, identifies that substance as acid.

Olga also readily admits that her daughter worked as an escort and abused drugs. “She started to slam meth in April," she tells the station.

As for what killed Zoie, that remains undetermined at this writing; authorities don't know if she died of a drug overdose or was slain. But Olga believes someone killed her little girl and dumped her body in the alley — and she's calling out for justice.

Zoie's Facebook page remains online at this writing. Its gallery includes portraits like this one....

...and this one:

In addition, friends have posted additional memorial images, including this collage:

The text accompanying these shots reads:
She was silly, she was beautiful, she was a diva, she was a lover, she never tried to be anything but herself and she was feirce.

But most of all Zoie Alexa was full of joy and life. . she never went a moment without making others laugh or smile.

She didn't deserve this.. But she will be remembered forever. Her soul will live on.
Additionally, Zoie's boyfriend, Damien Damani, a video photographer for Cronic magazine, posted the following video, which demonstrates her sense of humor.

Member the monster ZoIe?

Posted by Damien Damani on Monday, November 30, 2015

Following the discover of Zoie's body, Olga became increasingly frustrated by the lack of attention her daughter's death had earned in the media, as indicated by this post:
SOME OF YOU DO NOT KNOW MY ONLY DAUGHTER, ZOIE ALEXA, 22 WAS MURDERED AND I AM HAVING A VERY TOUGH TIME ACCEPTING I WILL NOT HEAR HER VOICE AGAIN. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE AND MAKE THIS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL VIDEO POP PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME AND THANK YOU FRIENDS. i have not received condolences nor any actual support in Denver as it is not my town nor was it Zoie Alexa's but we must help other addicts and young folks at risk because this is what God would have us do.
Through Olga's efforts, two local TV stations are now covering the mystery surrounding Zoie's death: 7News and Fox31.

Damani posted on Facebook about his contributions to the latter piece. His words read:
Just left fox 31.... ?#?zoie? ?#?knowzoe? Help me make Zoie 's death known. I don't know why it's so hushed. and Zoie's death should be known. There are ppl in this city that will rape your dead baby and the police seam to want to keep murders like Zoie's quiet. Why? Others may already be under the spell of those that only deal in death. Let's wake them up!!! #knowzoe ?#?knowlife?
Earlier this morning, Damani added this warning: "If you had something to do with Zoie's death and you're spying on my Facebook, you better come kill me. Cause if I catch you first...."

If you have any information about this case, you're encouraged to contact the Denver Police Department.  Here are the 7News and Fox31 reports.