The Ten Best Marijuana Stocking Stuffers

Mary Christmas! With the holidays just around the corner, it's definitely time to to get a few gifts to stuff in the stocking of that special stoner in your life. And we've got some ideas, just in case you forgot. Again. From socks to cannabis shots to gold rolling papers, here are the ten best marijuana gifts for your significant stoner. Er, other. 

10. Shine Papers
Shine Papers is one of many companies that has gold rolling papers on the market, for the fancy stoner who just feels like showing off. But Shine gilds this lily: The 24 karat gold papers (priced at $55 for a pack of twelve) feature artists' work so that you can make a creative "blunt of the day." And there's even a golden ticket — aka one golden blunt — hidden in every twenty orders. Look for Christmas-themed papers and order them today. You can even submit your own artwork to [email protected]
9. Colorado Hemp Honey
Earlier this year, we introduced you to Colorado Hemp Honey. This locally-grown company makes raw honey using whole CBD hemp extract, even pollinating actual industrial hemp farms in Colorado. Since the honey contains only CBD and no THC, you can order it online or even buy it in natural grocery stores. 
8. An IOU for Cannabis Cup tickets
Nothing says, "I love you and I want you to be happy," like buying your sweetie tickets to the 2016 Cannabis Cup. They're not on sale yet, so make it a cute coupon/IOU and stay tuned to the sale announcement on Westword. It's like the Great American Beer Fest, but with pot. View our slideshow from last year to see what all of the fuss is about. 
7. AnnaBis odor-locking bags
The cutest odor-locking bags ever created also come at a high price, ranging from $170 to $300. But Mary Jane is worth it. 
6. Quigley's Cannabis Shot
Westword introduced you to Quigley's Cannabis Shot earlier this year, and these little babies are perfect stocking stuffers for that special stoner in your life. Their biggest draw is that they are zero calorie, gluten free, zero sugar (since most edibles are packed with all of the above) and very fast-acting. Quigley's even advertises that the shot works "within minutes" of ingesting, which would make it the fastest-acting edible in town. After Westword's own taste test, we can confirm that they aren't joking. Find a recreational or medical dispensary near you that sells the shots. 
5. Miss Mary Jane
Miss Mary Jane is the cannabis cutie's home base. If you need clothing, pipes, rigs or everything in between with a colorful, kitschy and homegrown Colorado focus, this is the place to get them. See what's good on the Miss Mary Jane website and order by December 21 to get your gift items by Christmas. 
4. PuffCo Vaporizors
Winning the coveted High Times award for best vaporizor in 2015, these PuffCo vapes are a stocking stuffer that will definitely thrill the recipient. The most popular model is the PuffCo Pro, which starts at just $79.99 and is sleek as hell.
3. Love's Oven
Love's Oven is a locally owned marijuana edible company with some delicious and creative menu items, for both recreational and medical patients. Our favorite? The S'Mores Brownie Bites, perfectly dosed at 10 milligrams a piece, and coming in a package of ten. 
2. Bhang Chocolate
Bhang bars are among the best chocolate edibles on the market. Not only do they come in amazing Christmas-y flavors like Mint and Cinnamon Fire, but they have a silky-smooth texture and the cannabis flavor is almost untraceable.  Watch for this Colorado company to unveil even more cannabis-infused products to join the chocolates and the Bhang Stick vape pen now on the market. 
1. Huf Socks
If your significant other smokes weed and doesn't own a pair of Huf socks, this gift will be a very welcome — and warming — sight Christmas morning.