Reader: If We're So Sensitive to Marijuana's "Stench," How Can Commerce City Exist?

Pueblo County has weathered some stinky economic times over the past several decades, so it's not surprising that even traditional boosters are seeing lots of potential in the cannabis industry, as Thomas Mitchell outlines in his story, "Can Cannabis Become Pueblo's Next Cash Crop?" Still, there are some naysayers, including people who worry that marijuana is just too smelly. Responds Richard:
I'm constantly seeing articles mentioning the "stench" of marijuana grows, and how that keeps cities from allowing grow ops to move in, and yet Commerce City fucking exists. If we're all of a sudden so sensitive to smells, regulate the stench from industrial pollution first before worrying about some pungent flowers.
And Richard has his supporters:
Says Ellen: Good point, Richard. Although it's not as bad as I remember it being years ago, I can almost gag some days driving through Commerce City.
Adds Jessica:
Agreed, even a diesel trucks smells worse than pot
Would you rather smell a cannabis operation — or the air hanging over Commerce City during a temperature inversion? What do you think is the most skunky part of metro Denver? The skunkyist corner within Denver city limits?