Word of Mouth

Reader: Opening a Restaurant Is a Dream for Masochists

At the end of the year, we tallied all the action on the Denver dining scene and issued our Restaurant Roll Call for 2015, cataloging the 250 openings and 100-plus restaurant closings in the metro area. Although some of the restaurants that closed — including Le Central — had been around for decades; four opened and closed in the same year. There are just no guarantees in the restaurant business. As Robert says: 
I'd rather take my life savings to Vegas before thinking of opening a restaurant. That's a dream for masochists...
Adds Bradley: 
Good restaurants will survive. Bad ones won't.
And then there's this from Christine: 
I always thought I wanted one, but, then my sister became a health inspector. She said restaurant owners live in hell. 
Have you ever wanted to open a restaurant? What do you think Denver needs? And what restaurants will go in 2016?