Meet Sienna Johnson, 16, Charged as Adult in Alleged School Murder Scheme

Last month, we told you about the arrests of three teenage girls in Colorado for alleged violent plots against their respective schools.

Two of them were sixteen-year-olds who attended Mountain Vista High School — and who authorities in Douglas County took into custody on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Now, one of the teens — Sienna Johnson — has been formally charged as an adult. And while a Tumblr account that reportedly contained references to school shootings (and movies such as Natural Born Killers) has been taken down, plenty of other material remains online, including a Weebly page featuring journals, poetry and a mini-biography that lends insight into her personality.

Some may read the material and see it as evidence of ill intent. Others are apt to consider it to be the typical musings of a teenager with an artistic mindset who's trying to make sense of a tough upbringing.

Here's Johnson's description of herself, from the "About" section of the Weebly page.
My name is Sienna Raine Johnson and I was born as a shocking premature baby of 3 months early. I was born October 30th, 1999 in Colorado after my older sister.

At the age of two, my parents divorced and my sister and I spent the majority of our time with our mom. We were constantly moving. We moved from Colorado to Pennsylvania to Florida to South Carolina and back to Colorado where I've grown up since 5th grade. I grew up with a lot of pain in the homes I've lived in but things took a turn for the better when I started to settle down in the home I lived in South Carolina. I was 5 when we moved there and it was a perfect life for the 3 of us. The family dynamic at my dad's changed suddenly when my dad married my step mom who had 2 kids of her own and that really hurt me. We would visit him in Colorado during the summers but overall my sister and I were living a good life for a kid. As a child I was extremely happy and creative all the time. I began drawing at age 6 and playing guitar and piano at age 7. I wrote stories a lot and never stopped talking, I was always full of energy. But my childhood turned sour when I was 9 as we packed up our life and moved to Colorado where our dad was.

After we moved, things were just really difficult. I was angry because I didn't have the "normal" family and I was always getting shuffled around between my mom's and dad's. At age 10 my dad gave me my first drum set to help me let out my frustration and express myself. Punk rock and hardcore music and art was the perfect expression for me. I spent all my time playing guitar, drumming, writing, and drawing and painting.

In 7th and 8th grade I won multiple awards for art and writing. I began getting rebellious though and got kicked out of my dad's house in 7th grade. I went to stay with my mom and still enjoyed rebelling and going against what I was told. I wanted to be independent and do things on my own. I invested most of my time and energy into writing, music, and art. That's all I wanted to do. Soon my mom couldn't handle me anymore and I was sent to live with my grandparents for 2 months. I went back to my mom's and still struggled. I was then sent to my dad's who I only stayed with for 1 week and back to my mom's. Finally, I ended up staying there with my mom and currently am staying with her. I still put all my time and energy into the things I enjoy most and hope to be the best I can be.

Also included on the page are artworks and several poems, many with vivid imagery.

Here's one called "Reading the Flowers of Evil:"

Reading the Flowers of Evil

Pulled apart by angels
Asking Jesus Christ
A thousand times beneath
Static skirts and mary jane shoes
Slipping on maggots
inching down on umbilical cords
from the bodies of babies
with milk toothed smiles.

And this is "Mahogany:"


My therapist taught me 
to hold my breath and focus
the second the world
becomes too loud. 
And I'm just beginning to learn
the difference between
fists against drywall
screaming "let me out"
and sore knuckles 
on mahogany 
saying "let me in" 

Even more compelling is the "journal" section of the page, featuring handwritten lyrics, drawings and collages.

We've included nine journal images at the bottom of this post. But here's the text from one of them, handwritten on a piece of spiral notebook paper above an image of praying hands surrounded by roses.
Dear god, maybe if you'd made me pretty inside and out I'd be like sugar and spice and everything nice, maybe if you hadn't made me drunk at midnight i wouldn't mourn in that hour, maybe if I wasn't born with this sour I wouldn't have been so sore, maybe if I wasn't riddled with guilt in the bleeding womb I'd be more okay with the way I think, maybe if my idea of perfection rested on something else I wouldn't be infested, maybe I'd be okay with the option of aborting my brain. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. I didn't mean to be so rotten, so moody, so unhappy. I've been so unclean but I'm back to purity. But when you feel like air, satin, and everything feels good, everything's fine, everything's okay. Everything has been repeated in threes. Everything in threes. Everything must be ut into threes. I try to stop myself. I try to tell myself one is OK. I try to break the pattern but at this point it'd be inconsistent, pointless and broken.

As for the case against Johnson, 9News reports that at a court hearing yesterday, prosecutors with district attorney George Brauchler's office maintained that she "had compiled detailed maps of the school showing student movement and had a schedule for the police officer assigned there. She allegedly also admitted she was 'faking her mental progress' while she was being treated at Children's Hospital in the wake of her arrest, had harmed pets in the past, and showed no remorse."

In addition, Johnson is said to have been practicing her shooting with a BB gun and had made efforts to obtain more lethal weapons.

Ara Ohanian, Johnson's attorney, dismissed the Brauchler team's presentation as "grossly exaggerated," but Johnson remains in custody on $1 million bail. A mental evaluation on the second suspect is pending.

One more thing: Someone has created a Sienna Johnson Facebook fan page. At this writing, it's earned three likes.

Here are the aforementioned journal entries from Johnson's Weebly page.