Did White Supremacist Gang Member Go After Another State Prison Employee?

It was initially reported as a burglary that led to an officer-involved shooting.

But now, there are questions about whether the goal of Thomas Guolee, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the incident, was something other than a simple smash and grab.

Guolee, as you'll recall, is an alleged member of a white supremacist prison gang who was arrested as a person of interest in 2013 after Colorado Department of Corrections executive director Tom Clements was murdered.

His killer, Evan Ebel, who later died during a police gunfight in Texas, is also said to have been a member of the white-supremacist prison gang.

Ebel's other victim was Nathan Leon, a pizza delivery man.

In the end, Guolee wasn't charged in Clements' death.

But 9News is reporting that the victim of the latest crime was also a former Department of Corrections employee, raising the possibility that he was targeted by Guolee.

After Ebel's crime spree, Guolee and James Lohr, another alleged member of the prison gang, became subjects of a manhunt.

Lohr was busted first, and as you can see in his vivid mug shot, tattoos of the words "Hard" and "Luck" appear in place of eyebrows.

Debbie Eck, Guloee's mom, told 7News that her son has a couple of notable tattoos, as well — the word "White" on one leg, "Power" on the other.

On April 11, 2013, Guolee was arrested at the home of an acquaintance in Colorado Springs.

This news was reassuring to Eck, even though it required some explaining to Guolee's young daughter, for whom she'd been caring.

"She knows that Daddy's in trouble and we had sit down and tell her the police were looking for Daddy again," she said.

Nonetheless, law enforcers weren't able to make a case against Guolee in the Clements murder — although it took a while for them to cut him loose.

A March 2014 Denver Post piece about the gang noted that Guolee and Lohr remained behind bars (and in solitary confinement) at the time of its publication, almost a year after his bust.

But Guolee was free this past December 30, when he experienced his latest run-in with the law.

At around 9 p.m. that night, according to KOAA-TV, Colorado Springs police officers responded to a call about a burglary.

Upon their arrival, the suspect, later ID'd as Guolee, is said to have fired multiple shots at the cops, who shot back in return.

Despite the gunfire, Guolee was able to make it to a vehicle and led police on a chase that ended near the intersection of Ruskin and Whittier drives in the Springs.

That's where he struck another vehicle.

Following the crash, Guloee emerged from the car to another fusillade of bullets.

He was hit, but survived.

The connection between Guolee and the Ebel case was made in the following days.

But the possibility that Guolee's crime was linked to the gang and its alleged beef with the state prison system wasn't established publicly until 9News found property records showing that the owner of the burglarized home had once worked for the DOC.

Thus far, officials haven't said whether Guolee sought out this victim due to his Department of Corrections affiliation or if the person's employment background was merely coincidental.

Still, the latest development recalls one of the most shocking Colorado crimes in recent years.

Look below to see KOAA's report in the wake of Guolee's 2015 arrest, followed by a 7News piece about his 2013 bust. | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo