Things to Do

Three Things to Do for Free in Denver This Week, January 11-14

The cold weather hasn't frozen all the entertainment action in Denver. This week you can imbibe with actors, have a few giggles and learn all about DINK — and all for free. Add a comment if you know of any bargains we missed, and check the Westword calendar for more activities.

Encore Performance: Twelfth Flight at Thump Coffee (7 p.m. Tuesday, free)
This show is so fun and saucy, the Shakesbeer troupe has added a bonus performance for youor viewing pleasure. The Wit Theatre Company presents an adaptation of the praised Shakespeare comedy Twelfth Night, with a definite twist: The performers in ShakesBeer's Twelfth Flight will imbibe before, during and after the show. Grab a beer and soak in this free show.

Ratio Comedy Presents: Aaron Urist & Kevin O'Brien at Ratio Beerworks (8 p.m. Wednesday, free)
Have a hump day chuckle at Ratio with Denver side-splitters Aaron Urist and Kevin O'Brien. And there will be more laughs to be had when Rara Imler, Ian Douglas TerryBethany Hernandez and Harris Alterman join the hosts. The comedy is free and the beers will be flowing.
DINK Volunteer Meet & Greet at Mutiny Information Cafe (6 p.m. Thursday, free)
The Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo, or DINK, will debut in March, celebrating everything in underground comics — from R. Crumb to Noah Van Sciver. It's going to be an awesome show, and you can be part of the behind-the-scenes action if you volunteer. Sign up here, and then head to Mutiny to learn all about DINK.