Christa Benton Murder-Suicide Leaves Her Two Kids Without a Home

Last week, we told you about the tragic murder of Christa Benton by her longtime boyfriend, David Fallon, who took his own life after killing her.

We also noted that Benton had documented abuse at Fallon's hands on her Facebook page during the hours that led up to the tragedy.

Now, Evvie Trujillo has launched a GoFundMe page on behalf of her longtime friend's two kids, who now have nowhere to stay as a result of the slaying.

As we've reported, the incident took place at around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6, on the 550 block of South Grant Street.

The report of shots fired prompted a brief lockdown at Littleton High School, which is located nearby.

Upon their arrival, officers with the Littleton Police Department discovered a man, Fallon, dead by his own hand, and a woman, Benton, suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

Benton was raced to a nearby hospital, but she couldn't be saved.

Her Facebook posts in the hours before Fallon killed her, on a page festooned with images of her with her children, made it clear something had gone terribly wrong.

At 3:51 a.m. on the 6th, she posted, "I need a ride to the hospital after i get off from work. Can someone please help me out?"

She elaborated at 5:30 a.m., writing, "That a-hole tried to break my neck! On my way to the er."

A 9:13 a.m. followup reads, "Now I need to find out how I'm going to get money so I can eat today and get my prescription." Fifty minutes later, she added, "I'm so hungry."

Her final post, at 1:02 p.m., only ninety minutes or so before she shooting, found her waiting for her oldest son, who's eighteen, at a Taco Bell.

The note ends with this heartbreaking statement: "Can't take the pain anymore!!!!!!"

The aforementioned GoFundMe page features portraits like this one.... well as a pic of Benton with her two children: the eighteen-year-old and a fourteen-year-old fathered by Fallon.

Trujillo's introduction to the page reads:
My name is Evvie Trujillo and I'm originally from Denver Colorado, but now reside in Loveland. I have been friends with Christa Benton for nearly 17 years. She's one of the oldest friends I had and I've seen her kids grow over the years, just as she saw my daughter grow throughout the years. Now that she's gone, her kids are all that remains of her and I'm thankful to know them.

I'm trying to raise money for my friend Christa Benton, who was murdered January 6, 2016 by her boyfriend. All the funds raised will be spent and given to Christa's two sons Tyler & Jonathan. Now that their sole provider has been murdered, they are both still very young and have no financial stability to support themselves. The funds will be donated to them both in the form of a cashiers check from Wells Fargo Bank, under the account named after Christa. Funds will be spent to help buy food, clothes, provide a roof over their head, any other funeral expenses, and anything else they may need in order to continue their lives. My banker Sean Melton, will give me a cashiers check and it will then be presented by me to Tyler and Jonathan, with their grandmother Gayle's supervision. I cannot bring my friend back, so helping her kids is what she would have wanted me to do, & so here we are.

Christa had been trying to leave her boyfriend for a long time, but due to all his threats and harrassment and violent acts, she was unable to get away from him. She was shot in the head by her boyfriend who then shot himself in the head and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Christa was too young and didn't want or deserve to die. Christa was always a strong beautiful person and even after sustaining that horrific injury, she hung onto her life as long as she possibly could. Her injury was too significant and she later was pronounced dead at the hospital. She left behind two sons ages 14 and 18. Her boyfriend was the 14 year old sons father. One son lost his mother and the other lost his mother and his father in the same day.

This terrible tragedy has caused mass devastation to her sons and her friends and family. I spoke to Christa 30 minutes before she was murdered and am personally struggling with her death. We were friends for 17 years and Christa will be forever loved and missed by so many people. Someone so beautiful didn't deserve to have her life taken so early from her or her kids. Christa's family needs and would greatly appreciate any financial donations so she can receive a proper burial and help with the financial aspect of the funeral services. My purpose in raising money is to help the family pay for the funeral costs and to donate funds to Christa's boys who no longer have their mother, and will need financial assistance.
In addition, Trujillo shared Benton's story on Fox31, whose piece notes that while the children are currently receiving care from their grandmother, she doesn't have a place of her own right now, making assistance even more vital. At this writing, $750 has been pledged toward a goal of $30,000.

For more information, click here. Look below to view the Fox31 report.