Top 10 Texts From Last Night Out of the 719 Area Code

We were doing so well with our Colorado-centric 2015 editions of hilarious posts from the Texts From Last Night website.

We successfully highlighted the 303 area code, as well as the 720 and the 970.

But then December got away from us before we could highlight the 719.

So we're playing catch-up with the following picks. Fortunately, they're funny (and awkward) (and bizarre) enough to be worth waiting for.

Check out our ten photo-illustrated favorites from the 719 below. But be warned: A lot of the language is NSFW.

Number 10: Jurassic Mistake

Number 9: Worse or Worser

Number 8: Divine Inspiration

Number 7: New Condiments Selection

Number 6: Music Stripped Bare