Get Weedgalized: Learn and Laugh About the Greening of Colorado in This Week's Pot Events

There has been no shortage of scribes offering their versions of Colorado's journey to legalizing cannabis, but few have presented it as the fascinating, epic comedy that it really is. Frisco bartender/author Johnny Welsh seems to have hit that target in his new book, Weedgalized in Colorado: True Tales From the High Country, which he'll be signing on Friday, January 22, at the Denver Press Club.

"For years, my favorite greeting to visitors, tourists and new arrivals was, 'Welcome to the high country.' I was referring to the elevation and especially the grandeur of our beautiful state," Welsh writes in his book. "We have the highest elevated city in the country (Leadville, 10,430 feet); the highest paved road (Mt. Evans, 14,258 feet); and the highest highway tunnel (Eisenhower Tunnel, 11,000 feet). But now 'the high country' has a whole new meaning."

His story about the state's cannabis boom is much more than a chronological summary or firsthand account by an "expert," though; it provides interviews with everyone from local stoners to law enforcement. Starting with his bar-room conversations and backing them up with extended research, Welsh dives into the blazing industry, thebbudding controversies and the hot topics of the legal world of weed, and he dishes out a few laughs while doing so. And he's even thoughtful enough to include a strain and dispensary guide in the back of the book.  

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