Top Ten Celebrity Denver Broncos Fans

The hype leading up to the Denver Broncos' appearance in Super Bowl 50 continues to build, and it won't let up until game time or after.

In the meantime, folks across the country are deciding whether to root for the upstart Carolina Panthers or the team led by Peyton Manning, who richly deserves one last championship before riding off into the sunset — famous folks included.

Indeed, plenty of celebs are longtime Broncos boosters, as opposed to bandwagon jumpers — including the star seen above graphically displaying her Broncos love on national TV.

Here are our picks for the top ten.

Number 10: Lindsey Vonn

Skiing superstar and Vail native Vonn is such a devoted Broncos fan that she even dragged along former boo Tiger Woods to the sidelines of a game back when they were still an item. We don't know if he'll be cheering for the Broncos during the Super Bowl, but we have no doubts about her.

Number 9: Don Cheadle

In a Best of Denver award, we noted that "teachers at Denver's East High School remember Don Cheadle (class of 1982) as an able student and a dedicated student actor." Add "huge Broncos fan" to that list of accomplishments.

Number 8: Holly Holm

The UFC bruiser who pummeled Ronda Rousey is also ready to pound anyone who questions her fondness for the Broncos. This past November, shortly after taking the title, Mile High Report quotes her as saying, "Always loved the Denver Broncos. My whole life, Bronco fan."

Number 7: Kyle Busch

The NASCAR driver has put his money where his mouth is when it comes to the Broncos, reportedly betting fellow racer Kasey Kahne that the Broncos would defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 Super Bowl. Sorry about that, Kyle — sorrier than you know.

Number 6: Jessica Biel

The woman who regularly gets to see Justin Timberlake's sexy back was raised in Boulder, and in 2014, prior to the Broncos' last Super Bowl appearance, she tweeted, "Yeah Broncos!!!! It's our year!!!!" Hope she's right this time around.