23 Worst and Best Medical Pot States, Including Those Better Than Colorado

Given Colorado's role as a leader when it come progressive marijuana policy, it's natural to assume our medical marijuana rules and regulations are the best in the nation.

But according to a new report from Americans for Safe Access, that simply isn't true.

In the document, on view below in its entirety, the organization graded each state plus the District of Columbia based on medical-marijuana-related criteria.

Naturally, those that don't allow medical marijuana fare worst: States that receive an F include Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana and more.

But even some of the 23 states (as well as Washington, D.C.) that have legalized medical marijuana get lousy marks. And while Colorado does okay, especially considering that no state earns an A, several states are rated more highly.

Count down the MMJ states below, featuring data from the report. The roster is followed by the complete report.

Number 8 (tie): Alaska
Number 8 (tie): Montana

Number 7 (tie): Michigan

Number 7 (tie): Vermont

Number 6: Rhode Island
Number 5 (tie): Delaware

Number 5 (tie): Minnesota

Number 5 (tie): New Hampshire

Number 5 (tie): New Jersey

Number 5 (tie): New York

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