Photos: Old Colorado Bureau of Investigation Office Becoming Dispensary

It's a change that neatly symbolizes how times have changed in Colorado.

Two Pueblo companies are in the process of opening what's described as the "first hemp/CBD dispensary" in the community.

And the site's operation was once home to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

The companies in question are CBDRx, which "specializes in the development, cultivation, processing and wholesale distribution of hemp-based CBD products, which may be used by the wellness, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries," according to a company press release, and Herbal Extracts, characterized on its website as a "leader in the emerging market for dietary and nutritional supplements derived from certified organic hemp" whose "products are designed for those consumers who are seeking the medicinal benefits of Cannabis Sativa without the psychoactive effects or stigma that comes from THC."

CBDRx recently made news after it was given permission by the United States Department of Agriculture to brand its hemp crop — harvested from a 120-acre parcel — as "certified organic" under USDA rules.

Now, there's a different kind of government connection involving the companies. Both firms recently posted photos of the building along with a note that reads: "Opening Soon — Old Colorado Bureau of Investigation building in Pueblo is the first Hemp/CBD Dispensary — thanks to Herbal Extracts and CBDRx!"

Continue to see the photos, including a larger version of the one above and the shot immediately below, in which an evidence sign has been supplemented with the letters "CBD."