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Reader: Everyone Has a Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Denver

In honor of the Year of the Monkey, which starts February 8, Mark Antonation just served up the Eleven Best Chinese Restaurants in Denver, with the number one spot going to the Best Chinese Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2015: JJ Chinese Seafood Restaurant. And Andy agrees with that pick, adding:
The spicy salt fried calamari at JJ is one of Denver's best overall dishes.
But other readers have other picks. Says Ellen: 
We all have our favorites. Mine is Coal Mine Dragon in Littleton.
Adds Brent: 
It's no fancy place, looks like a dump actually, but have any of you had Great Wall on Colfax? There is nothing that competes with their Lo mein, egg rolls, wontons and my personal Chinese food gauge, sesame chicken. It's the way Chinese was meant to be experienced.
And then there's this from Yarinel:
 I'm so happy our favorite spot is not on this list! It would make it that much harder to get in.
What's your favorite Chinese spot in town? And what dish do you always try?