Best Beards of Super Bowl 50

There was football, there was beer and there were a whole lot of hairy moments at Super Bowl 50. Beard fans had a few special reasons to celebrate. Here are the most super beards we spotted at the big game, courtesy CBS Sports.

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5. Evan Mathis

He hasn’t been a Bronco for long, but both he and his beard have made that short amount of time count. Mathis sported a short beard during Super Bowl 50, giving us yet another reason to celebrate today.

4. Jared Allen

It may not be a beard, but Allen's mustache came really, really close. Allen's hirsute face first graced the screen during the National Anthem, and some viewers were hoping for a second glimpse of that facial hair for the rest of the game.

3. Greg Olsen

All hail the Panthers’ tight end. Olsen may have spent Sunday attacking the Broncos’ defense, but his beard will be hang in our memory for weeks to come. Fingers crossed that a beard-oil company endorses Olsen’s facial hair so that audiences can see more of him without a face mask. 

2. and 1. Derek Anderson and Ryan Kalil
Their team lost, but Derek Anderson and Ryan Kalil take the top spots for the best beards of Super Bowl 50. Anderson's fans are used to seeing him with a close- to clean-shaven face, but for the big game a full beard poked out of his face mask. 

And the award for best beard of Super Bowl 50 goes to Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil. No surprise, really, since Snoop Dogg has declared that Kalil has the "best beard of all time," and Kalil's Twitter bio includes a Shakespeare quote on beards. 

Alternate: Jerry Rice

Neither a Denver Bronco nor a Carolina Panther, Jerry Rice deserves an honorable mention for both Best Beard and Best Facial Hair of Super Bowl 50. Rice not only reminded viewers of his tenure as a San Francisco 49ers player, he also reassured the world that he can grow some serious facial hair.