Jose Leyva-Estrada Gets 20 Years for Biting Off His Girlfriend's Eyelid

It's a crime almost too shocking to be believed: A man accused of biting off his girlfriend's eyelid.

But it happened — and now, Jose Leyva-Estrada will have plenty of time to think about it.

This week, Leyva-Estrada was sentenced for the crime, which took place during the early months of last year.

And a lengthy sentence it is.

As noted by the Greeley Tribune, Leyva-Estrada didn't have any convictions in Colorado prior to the latest incident.

But at his sentencing, the judge in the case reportedly took into consideration information from the Weld County District Attorney's Office about crimes committed under some of his assorted pseudonyms (Erik Torres, Isak Lujan and Carlos), including allegations of previous violence against the aforementioned girlfriend and a homicide try targeting another significant other in Utah.

Then, last March 6, police responded to a residence at 2975 State Farm Road in Evans to find a woman whose face and hair were covered with blood.

She also had bruises on her neck and teeth marks near her swollen-shut right eye, the Tribune reveals.

Turns out the lid over the eye had been bitten off.

The girlfriend later told investigators that Leyva-Estrada had reacted violently when she'd awakened him around 5 p.m. to let him know she needed to pick up her kids, grabbing her by the hair, hurling her to the floor, climbing on top of her and placing his hands around his throat.

The woman was able to free herself by slugging Leyva-Estrada in the groin, but only temporarily. He allegedly responded by yanking her hair again and biting her eye.

Leyva-Estrada broke off the assault and split after one of the woman's sons entered the room. But he was arrested in Denver the next day, the Tribune points out, with authorities returning him to Evans to face the music.

On Monday, the Weld County DA's office notes, Leyva-Estrada was given thirteen years for first-degree assault and another seven for second-degree assault. Moreover, the stints will run consecutively, bringing his total jolt to twenty years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Look below to see a larger version of Leyva-Estrada's booking photo.