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Justin "Don't Tell My Wife" Carrigan: No Divorce for Spending $21K+ at Super Bowl

Congratulations, Justin Carrigan. You've got the most forgiving, understanding wife in all of human history.

Why? Because she isn't giving him the heave-ho despite telling a reporter in a video that went viral how he expected to spend $30,000 to see his beloved Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 — a confession that included the statement, "Don't tell my wife!"

Fortunately for, Carrigan, his beloved, Heidi, understands and supports his Broncos fandom.

As evidence, check out this Facebook pic of the couple with their two kids.

Still, Heidi didn't know how much green her husband laid out to attend the big game until a little something we call the Internet did its thing.

Prior to the Super Bowl, Carrigan was pigeonholed in Norm Mineta San Jose International Airport by a staffer from NBC Bay Area — and during their brief chat, he said he'd spent around $21,000 for four tickets, and expected to add another $9,000 to that sum before all was said and done.

At that point, the reporter asked, "What if you guys lose?" 

"We're not going to lose," Carrigan replied.

"But what if you do?" the reporter reiterated.

The shut-down response: "We won't" — and he was right.

Here's the video.

Shortly thereafter, the video was everywhere — and even though the station misspelled Justin's last name as "Kerrigan" in its article about him, he knew he'd be busted soon enough.

So, he tells 9News, he called his wife and said, "Babe, you're going to see something on Facebook. Love you!"

Heidi tells the station she didn't realize Carrigan was covering the price of tickets for the three friends who traveled to Cali with him. (They've already paid him back — although his share of the cost is still in the $7,000-$8,000 range.) Likewise, she had no clue the initial total was $21,000 for the tickets alone, not counting the cost of a rental car and hotel rooms.

Even so, she's not ready to send him packing, even though he's made other secret purchases in the past. "I was a little frustrated at first, but you know, at the end of the day, we’re in it together, long haul," she says in the 9News piece. "No one is getting a divorce."

Congrats, Justin. The Broncos aren't the only winners in this story.

Here's another look at the video.