Meet New Bronco QB Mark "Butt-Fumbler" Sanchez in 20 Memes

Your Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos have a quarterback problem.

First, Peyton Manning retired.

Then presumed heir apparent Brock Osweiler signed with the Houston Texans.

That suddenly left the Broncos scrambling for a viable signal caller — a situation the Daily Snark satirized in a piece claiming that the team had acquired the services of one "Uncle Rico" as starter under center.

At this writing, rumors continue to swirl about the team's interest in Colin Kaepernick or Ryan Fitzpatrick.

In the meantime, however, general manager John Elway acquired the services of Mark Sanchez, most recently of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sanchez's connection to the Broncos to date has been peripheral.

After Manning came to Denver, as you'll recall, Tim Tebow was dealt to the New York Jets to compete with Sanchez, who'd gone from promising newcomer to interception-prone disaster.

Back in March 2012, we marked this occasion with a memes collection featuring the subhead "Did Mark Sanchez Get F*cked by a Virgin?" and this image....

In the end, Tebow didn't become the Jets' starter — but Sanchez's downward spiral continued anyhow.

He became best-known for fumbling after slamming into the backside of his own lineman — an incident dubbed the "Butt Fumble" — and for having Jets coach Rex Ryan alter a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey.

A subsequent stint with the Eagles was just as undistinguished, which explains why Philadelphia was willing to let Sanchez go in exchange for a mere conditional 2017 seventh-round draft pick.

True, Sanchez isn't expected to be the Broncos' first-string quarterback for the upcoming season. Then again, nothing that's happened since Osweiler jumped to Houston has been expected — and that's why so many Denver fans are anxious.

Get to know Sanchez better by way of these memes from his Jets and Eagles days, supplemented by a bonus Tebow meme featuring a crying Michael Jordan. They'd be hilarious if he wasn't the Broncos' most senior quarterback right now....

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