Construction Watch

DIA's C Concourse Escalator Has Been Down for Months β€” But a Fix Is in Sight

What goes up must come down. But must it stay down? Frequent fliers who use the C Concourse have been wondering if one pair of escalators leading from the trains to the concourse would ever be up and running again; crews have been working on them since last fall, ripping out the entire system and replacing it.

But now the end is in sight. β€œIt has been a while, and we recognize that,” says Denver International Airport spokesman Heath Montgomery. The work is "actually done," he notes, and that side of escalators should be back in business within two weeks, after testing and certifying by the Denver Fire Department.

"Escalators are very complicated pieces of machinery," Montgomery explains, adding that those escalators were among the first systems installed at DIA over twenty years ago, and among the oldest equipment still in place at the airport. In the meantime, he says, "C Concourse is seeing a tremendous amount of traffic."

Southwest Airlines, which is among the airlines working out of this concourse, had 26 percent of DIA's traffic in September 2014; as of January, it had 29 percent.

DIA added five more gates on the west side of the C Concourse in late 2014, all used by Southwest; with those gates came more concessions, including the Coors Silver Bullet Bar, Happy Cakes & Allegro Coffee, Say Si Bon, eSavvy, Big Bowl, another location for Modmarket,  the Magic Pan, No Boundaries outdoor gear and more.

There's also a new seating area, complete with comfy seating and lots of power outlets; soon you'll be able to order from iPads built into tables, Montgomery notes. The area also features an extended liquor license so that passengers can move around the expanded gate area with an adult beverage.

And you might want to down a few before you head for the trains β€” soon, replacement of the second set of escalators will begin.

Montgomery says that work should be done by the end of the year.