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Guess What's Coming to the Stanley Marketplace When It Opens Later This Year

When the Stanley Marketplace first announced intentions to convert a former aviation factory on the southeast edge of Stapleton into a 100,000 square-foot food and retail hall, the only thing we knew for sure was that restaurateur Kevin Taylor would be opening a restaurant and beer hall there — a hall within a hall, if you will. Since September 2014, a slow leak of information has rounded out a list of committed vendors, so that in September 2015, we were able to put together an initial roundup of ten food and beverage outlets headed for the Stanley. But since then, more have been announced — and one, GoodBird Kitchen, pulled out (but you can track down some excellent fried chicken at the Longmont GoodBird). So just how many eateries can you pack into one finite space, and what else will be at the Stanley to draw customers? 

Part of the difficulty in envisioning the finished building is comprehending exactly how vast a 100,000 square-foot space  really is. Since a standard American license plate is twelve inches by six inches, you need only picture 200,000 license plates laid out in a grid to get the picture. Okay, maybe that's not helpful, so here's what we do know: So far, a total of thirty vendors have committed. Although there's no official government-sanctioned definition to differentiate a marketplace from a straight-up mall, a quick comparison shows that the Stanley will be only about a tenth of the total size of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center (at 1.1 million square feet), which houses some 160 shops and restaurants.

The folks at the Stanley Marketplace recently provided a complete list of retail shops and food and drink establishments that have committed thus far. Some of the names are familiar Denver favorites, giving Stapleton and northern Aurora residents something to buzz about. But there are plenty of new names on the list, too, and at first glance, it's not entirely clear which will serve food and which will provide some other product or service.

Here's the list of tenants, in alphabetical order; see if you can guess which ones are food- and/or beverage-related. Looking for a prize? How about just the smug satisfaction of knowing you're the best Googler out there (and recognizing that an ampersand isn't necessarily a dead giveaway). Click through to the next page for the answers.

Denver Biscuit Co.
Etai’s Juice Bar
From the Hip Photo
Goose & the Goat
Hope Tank 
Hot Mamas Exercise
Izzio Artisan Bakery
Kindess Yoga
L Style Bar
Logan House Coffee
Maria Empanada 
Miette et Chocolat
Mondo Market
Natural Balance
Poppy + Pine
Rolling Smoke BBQ
Stanley Beer Hall
Stapleton Dental
Sweet Cow
Symmetry Massage
Tootsies the Nail Shoppe
Trunk Nouveau
Velvet Wolf

And the answers are....