Best of Denver

2016 Best Hair on a Female TV Personality Winner — and the Top 9 Runners-Up

Last week, we shared Best Hair on a Local Personality winners from 2010-2015 as a preview for the 2015 Best of Denver issue.

Now, the issue is out — and so is word about the Best Hair champs in both the female and male categories.

But who were the runners-up?

Continue to count down the female top ten, followed by this year's winner. Note that 9News's Corey Rose isn't included; we retired her from competition in 2014...because she'd win every year.

Number 10:

Belen De Leon, 9News

Number 9:

Kristen Skovira, 7News

Number 8:

Heidi Hemmat, Fox31

Number 7:

Karen Leigh, CBS4

Number 6:

Danielle Grant, 9News

Continue to keep counting down the top nine 2016 Best Hair on a Female Local TV Personality runners-up, followed by our Best of Denver winner.