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Reader: The Best Barbecue Is Always In Little Places Off the Main Strip

Although people lament the lame barbecue options in Denver, we've found plenty of places that serve up worthy platters of 'cue, including the spots on our list of the Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Denver. We're about to reveal our favorite in the Best of Denver 2016 — and in the meantime, readers have other suggestions. Roamin' Buffalo, says one, and several are fans of Rolling Smoke. And one barbecue experts says that dEnver diners just aren't looking in the right places. Says Yeshua:
One side of my family is from Texas, the other side is from Tennessee, so I've been blessed to eat great barbecue.  That being said, I think there are some good barbecue places here, maybe not up to participate with the pros out east or south, but good enough in the meantime. I think you just have to get out more and try the little places.

It does not matter if it's in the South, the East, or Midwest, or West, the best barbecue I've had has always been in the tiny places tucked back off the main strip.
Where have you found the best barbecue in Denver?