Dear Stoner: Where Can I Buy Infused Butter?

Dear Stoner: Why do dispensaries have shitty weed for $20 a gram and the really good stuff on sale sometimes? I got an eighth for $25 yesterday that was way better than the top-shelf stuff.

Dear D.J.: Beauty is in the eye of the nug-holder. Maybe you didn’t think whatever was on that shelf smelled great, but not everyone enjoys the same scents. My roommate hates the musty smells of OGs and the funk of UK Cheese, while I absolutely adore them. Hard to believe that a pothead doesn’t like the smell of OGs, I know, but they’re out there, man.

Now that I’m done playing devil’s advocate, here’s why dispensaries put certain strains on sale while others stay flat: They’re just like every other retail business. If an ice cream shop has way more chocolate than any other flavor, then it’s going to put chocolate ice cream on sale so that it doesn’t go bad before it’s sold. The same applies to marijuana: If a dispensary bought too much Blue Dream and can’t get rid of it fast enough, then Blue Dream will go on sale no matter how dank it is. Although poor quality and high stock tend to go hand in hand, that’s not always the case — as you’ve just experienced. So smell as many strains as you can while shopping, since a high price doesn’t always mean connoisseur level, and vice versa.
Dear Stoner: Are there stores in the Denver area that sell cannabis-infused butter?

Dear Jem: Unlike brownies, candy bars and other treats, cannabis-infused butters and oils used for cooking can be hard to find in dispensaries. And that makes business sense: Why sell ingredients so that potheads can make their own edibles when you’re already selling the finished product at a much higher markup? Some shops do still carry infused cooking oils and butter, but the stock is sporadic; you might have to do some intense scouring of online menus and make a lot of phone calls before finding any.

Here are a few tips. The Pure Marijuana Dispensary chain sells infused olive oil and honey through its infused-product label, Colorado Cannabis Company, and at all three of its metro locations. And Mile High Wellness — Green Street, at 2291 South Kalamath Street, not only has all the grownup edibles you could want, but also infused butter and peanut butter to make your own medicated concoctions with.

Let me know if you need recipes!

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