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ICYMI: News on Blucifer, Blackbelly Market....and the Best of Denver

The recent uproar over the KKK Cop Painting created by a tenth-grader and displayed in the Wellington Webb Municipal Office Building got us thinking about this city's colorful past with public art — and by “colorful,” we mean “sometimes fucked up.” And so we compiled this handy roundup of the Ten Most Controversial Pieces of Public Art in Denver. Amazingly, Blucifer does not top the list!

Hosea Rosenberg keeps himself busy — very busty.  When the Top Chef winner isn't cooking up dishes to pair with pot, he's expanding his Blackbelly Market into a new deli and butcher shop. And Blackbelly just won a very surprising award in the Best of Denver 2016.....

Four months ago, alleged Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear proclaimed: "I'm guilty — there's no trial." But yesterday he told a judge that he's innocent of "99 percent" of the charges against him and wants a jury trial. The Gazette has the latest here.