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Robber Smashes Front Door of Onefold and Steals Cash Register

Onefold, a popular breakfast-and-lunch stop at 1420 East 18th Avenue, was broken into and robbed over the weekend. Owner Mark Nery says the break-in took place at about 3 a.m. on Sunday, when the perpetrator smashed in the glass front door and stole the cash register from the front counter.

Nery says that the restaurant, which he operates with his wife, Terese, just recently started weekend dinner service, which means the register was fuller than usual; he forgot to lock it away in the office before closing up for the night. No one was in the building when the robbery occurred.

Denver police arrived on the scene several minutes after the break-in and eventually tracked down the abandoned register across town in the Highland neighborhood; Nery says there was $5 left in the drawer. The perp has not yet been found, but Nery points out that the store is equipped with a good security system that was left over from the space's previous incarnation as a Quiznos, so he'll be providing surveillance footage to the police.

Onefold was open for business yesterday despite the broken door and missing register (which, while located, could not be returned to its home because it is now evidence). For now, the restaurant can only accept debit and credit cards until the register is replaced.

"It's not too bad; the video is actually kind of funny," Nery says. He'll be working with insurance agents and contractors this week to have the window replaced.