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Reader's Crazy Landlord Horror Story Includes $300 Rent Increase

Just because your neighborhood wasn't on our recent list of the ten Denver neighborhoods with the fastest rent growth doesn't guarantee that you won't be asked to pay more.

And possibly a lot more.

That's clear from the following account from Congress Park, which didn't make the top ten in our post. Nonetheless, the reader says his rent just increased by $300 despite a litany of problems that he recounts in vivid detail.

We've omitted his name and the name of the management group handling the apartment. But the other details remain. Check them out below.

A reader writes:
I signed a lease for a tiny one bedroom apartment in Congress Park in 2014, I just got my renewal letter and they have raised my rent $300.00 — living there and dealing with these property managers is an absolute nightmare. They think $1,300.00 is a fair price for a small one bedroom, all my neighbors' apartments have had black mold complete with the new drywall, plastic sheets and huge air vents.... But they won't check mine. They constantly enter my apartment without my knowledge and justify it with "There was water leaking into the downstairs apartment." So when I ask my downstairs neighbor, she said yes. She reported that... 5 days ago, so they had 5 days to let me know I should pick my underwear up off the floor. I come home and find my furniture moved, panels off my walls and plumbing equipment all over my floor and I leave it there so I don't mess them up, but they never came back.... I had a hole in my wall for two weeks until I took the tools and pipes to the office and asked why they didn't even leave a notice on my door preparing me to see they had been in there. I've come home to find my door unlocked and watched maintenance enter an apartment and then leave the property with the door wide open. They made our lives hell to "repair" the staircase that is about ten months old and already rusted through. They let the weeds grow higher than the fence. Won't give me utility bills but charge late fees if I don't pay it.