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The Daily Show Destroys Colorado's Biggest Homophobe in "Trans Panic"

Over the years, we've documented the misadventures of Gordon Klingenschmitt, whom we described in a 2014 headline as an "Exorcism-Doing, Gay-Slamming, Just-Elected State Rep" from the Colorado Springs area.

Our posts about Klingenschmitt, who's also a chaplain, have featured his claim that "gays have lost their soul" and his prayers to save the Boy Scouts from "sodomite" troop leaders.

Frankly, pretty much everything Klingenschmitt says is ripe for satire of the most brutal sort — and that's precisely what The Daily Show delivered last night in a report about "The Trans Panic Epidemic" that held up Colorado's biggest homophobe to well-deserved national ridicule.

"The Trans Panic Epidemic," delivered by Jessica Williams, currently the sharpest and funniest regular on The Daily Show, looks at the wave of so-called "bathroom bills" that attempt to ban members of the trans community from using public restrooms whose gender designations don't match those on their driver's license.

Along the way, Williams interviews a slew of trans folks, who document the discrimination they face on a daily basis.

Their dignity stands in sharp contrast to the comments of Klingenschmitt, who is heard suggesting that trans behavior is caused by "demonic spirits."

He also warns, "Get used to the idea of having your women and children share bathrooms with cross-dressing men who are going to expose themselves to you," even though there's no evidence of anything like this ever happening, as one trans source points out.

During an interview, the humorless, clueless Klingenschmitt speaks for a time as a politician. But when the subject turns to religion, he asks if he can return as his "alter ego," a chaplain.

"You have to change into your alter ego?" Williams asks. "Who are you, Lady Gaga?"

What follows is a hilarious montage of Klingenschmitt "transitioning" into his spiritual guise. But his collar doesn't prevent Williams from totally eviscerating him.

"Is it fair to say that because you're a priest, you're a pedophile?" she wonders.

"Well, of course not," Klingenschmitt replies.

"Why is that 'Of course not'? Why?" Williams asks.

He pauses for an instant before answering, "Because some people are criminals and some people are not criminals."

"Could you take that logic and apply that to the transgender community?" Williams wants to know.

"They're apples and oranges," Klingenschmitt maintains, apparently hoping to escape the trap into which he's already fallen.

Williams won't let him, though. Her devastating response: "By 'apples and oranges,' do you mean apples and apples?"

Mike drop. Look below to see "The Trans Panic Epidemic."