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Reader: It's Nice to Have So Many Eateries to Walk to in Northwest Denver

In the Best of Denver 2016, we named Berkeley the Best New Restaurant Neighborhood — not just for the new restaurants moving into the area, but because the mix of new and old have made this area just past Highland in northwest Denver an increasingly vibrant dining destination. You can drop by the brand-new Midwestern Saloon on Tennyson for a pork tenderloin sandwich, or head to Billy's Inn on Lowell Boulevard, a onetime dive that's been renovated into a neighborhood hangout with a great happy hour. But not everyone is happy about the changes in the area. Says Chryssi: 
I'm sure all of the real local Denver residents who have been displaced by the rich yuppies just love these restaurants. Barf. Highlands is the worst neighborhood in Denver. Snobfest. No thank you.
Responds Erin:
I love my neighborhood! It's a great place to call home.
Rodrigo ramps it up:
 It's the fucking Northside, you yuppie gentrifier pieces of shit, fuck Highlands and fuck yous.
And then there's this from Bernard :
I live in "Highland," but it feels more like the old Northside. Developers are starting to purchase and scrape older homes, but have yet to construct anything new. Have had a large empty lot at the end of my block for about a year now. It is nice to have so many diverse eateries within walking distance.
What do you think of the changes in Berkeley? In Highland? And if you're confused about neighborhood boundaries in northwest Denver, check out the official Denver neighborhood map.