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Ex-Homeless Reader: Stop the Fake Cries for the Homeless

Chris Walker's latest post about Denver's homeless sweep in March features documents that show the City of Denver questioning its own protocol.

The report prompted one reader who says he used to be homeless to take a controversial position on the issue.

Among those who responded was a commenter who rejected these views out of hand and another onetime member of the homeless community who tries to offer a more balanced view.

Here's the exchange.

Garrett Culpepper writes:
Put this to rest already. Stop the fake cries for the homeless. Most of them have some kind of dependence issue, most people crying out cross the street when you see a group of them.......and don't act like you don't. If you don't want to be homeless, then don't. It is that simple, even if you have a criminal background. I was homeless now, I own a home......  Stop it, this is ridiculous.
Hyosfin Azmeralda Albon writes:
Smh ignorance.
Angelo Pietrosanti writes:
Not at all. I've been homeless myself. It's a touchy issue because everyone is way to god damn pc and gets offended instead of talking about real compromises to issues. Both sides are ignorant. Lots of homeless have mental disorders, but lots do not. There has to be an accepting of responsibility there, but there also has to be a better program for dealing with our mentally ill population.