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Reader: Don't Criticize Me for Smoking Pot While You're Popping Vicodins

A lot of frustration was generated by our post about a bill that would require schools to allow authorized patients access to medical marijuana.

One big reason was the story of Addelyn Patrick, a three-year-old with epilepsy. Even though MMJ has proven to be the most effective treatment for her seizures, current district rules don't let her use it while attending her preschool.

However, she can be given liquid Valium.

Here's one reader reaction to this state of affairs.

Kim Johnson writes:
Very hypocritical. I once had a friend criticize me for recreationally using while meanwhile she was popping huge Vicodin horse pills.... Um, one is a plant, one is an opiate... Once people get over it, it won't be such a taboo. People who don't get it probably don't get a lot of things, sadly....