20 Hilarious Colorado Memes, Crazy Spring Edition

Just about the time even longtime Denver-area residents had just about convinced ourselves that warm weather was here to stay, a new spring storm is on the horizon.

And, of course, it's a baffling one. Forecasters don't seem to know whether it'll produce rain, sleet or a snowpocalypse, or what variations will pop up in the city, in the suburbs, the mountains and the plains.

To deal with the confusion, we've turned to our friends at the Colorado Springs Memes Facebook page, who seem to have a funny graphic for every occasion — but really love to document the unpredictability of Colorado weather, especially during springtime.

Check out a slew of memes related to meteorological changes, potholes and other springy topics. And to check out the Colorado Springs Memes Facebook page, click here.

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