Schmuck of the Week

Tyler Hamilton, School Security Guard, Impregnates 16-Year-Old With 7th Child

When Tyler Hamilton worked as a security guard at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, he reportedly answered to the nickname "Tiny."

But there's nothing tiny about his schmuckiness. It's absolutely king-sized — which is why he's the ideal pick as our latest Schmuck of the Week.

Hamilton, 28, has now pleaded guilty regarding his sexual relationship with a sixteen-year-old girl whom he wound up impregnating.

With his seventh child.

Hamilton's Facebook page is still online at this writing. It reveals that he's originally from Martinez, California, and studied at Pikes Peak Community College.

The photo gallery features the shot above, as well as some more aggressive images, including this pic....

...and one that suggests a stint in the military — and a fondness for birds.

His current profile image is a graphic featuring the following saying: "The Most Sick & Twisted People I Know Are the Ones I'm Proud to Call My Friends."

As for the most recent item on his Facebook timeline, shared on November 9 of last year, it's an employment-status update that reads: "Started Working at D11 Colorado School District" — specifically as a Coronado High security guard.

Judging by a KKTV report from February following his arrest (after which he didn't work at Coronado anymore), Hamilton was well liked by students at the school, even though he appears to have had a decidedly creepy interest in the young and underage.

Last summer, according to an affidavit obtained by the station, Hamilton connected with an unnamed sixteen-year-old via the online app Whisper.

The two are said to have met in person circa July, and by the following month, the teen had run away from home in order to live with him.

No, she didn't turn out to be a Coronado student. Instead, she took courses through an online school, at least for a while (she quit in December).

Before long, she was pregnant, and this development didn't thrill Hamilton. Hamilton told the girl that with six kids already, he wasn't looking to add one more, the affidavit maintains — so he tried to induce what he termed a "natural abortion" by feeding her a mix of vitamins and aspirin.

There's no word about whether this treatment worked or not — but it clearly didn't get him out of trouble. He was arrested in February even though he insisted that he thought the girl was nineteen, and this week, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual assault, as well as a felony, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

KRDO-TV notes that Hamilton will have to register as a sex offender, but he won't face a long stretch behind bars. At his sentencing in February, he'll be sentenced to no more than two years.

Compared to his schmucky behavior, that's tiny. Look below to see Hamilton's booking photos and an early KKTV report, broadcast prior to confirmation that the teen was not a Coronado High School student.