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La Loma Postpones Move Until May

In February,  La Loma announced that in two months, it would be leaving the spot at 2527 West 26th Avenue in Jefferson Park where it's been perched for the past thirty years, and moving to the space vacated by the Trinity Grille, at 1801 Broadway, while it continues to plan a new flagship restaurant by the Denver Aquarium, slated to open sometime next year.

But now it looks like La Loma will postpone the move downtown until mid-May, which means that you have plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere — and the potent margaritas — at the current location, which is slated to be replaced by an apartment building.

And that atmosphere won't vanish entirely when this spot closes its doors. A crew is working to make the interior of 1801 Broadway mimic the feel of La Loma; that process is taking longer than anticipated, which is why the move is postponed. (Even once the Platte Valley location opens, the plan is to keep the downtown restaurant going, too, so La Loma wants to do the renovations right.)

When the Jefferson Park spot finally does close, there will be a gap of a couple of days before the downtown restaurant starts serving; some of the equipment, including the tortilla maker, can't be moved until the kitchen shuts down. We recommend you stash a supply of that good green chile in your refrigerator to tide you over.

In the meantime, get ready for one last Cinco de Mayo celebration at the current spot. “The original location has been the scene of many celebrations,” says owner Mark Brinkerhoff. “We want to go out with a bang and make it a Cinco de Mayo to remember at this location. We are open for business at the current location until at least May 15.” The featured drink on May 5 will be the Mexi-Flag Marg, a frozen marg designed to look like the Mexican flag.  And then there are those barrel-aged Don Julio tequila shots for $6.

“Cinco de Mayo and the month of May is a great opportunity for us to visit and celebrate our history with our regulars as well as new customers,” adds Brinkerhoff. “We are excited to give customers another month or so to visit us. We hope to announce the final move date soon.”

For updates, go to La Loma's Facebook page.