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Reader: Put the Ball in Tim Tebow's Hands and Jesus Will Do the Rest

The responses to our recent post about a petition calling for the Denver Broncos to re-sign Tim Tebow to play quarterback were hilarious.

Although we can't be sure that everyone who weighed in was joking.

At the time of our post, nearly 2,000 people had signed the petition — and as of this writing, hundreds more supporters have pushed the total over that figure.

As for our readers, a lot of them had fun with the perception that Tebow's outspoken Christianity is his secret weapon.

Here's a conversation starter, followed by a roundup of replies.

Marcelino Casias writes:
The dude is not an NFL Quarterback. He's had opportunities with a number of teams. Let it go, people.
Sam Serkman writes:
You don't understand! All we have to do is put the ball in Timmy's hands and Jesus will do the rest!
Barbra Maes writes:
Well said Sam! Have faith...It works! 
Marcelino Casias writes:
I have faith that Jesus will keep Tebow off the field.
Zach Sargent writes:
Thank you!! I don't know what is more of a joke...Thinking he is an NFL QB or calling him the chosen one.
Michael Fenstermaker writes:
Jesus plays through Tebow, sign him.
Marcelino Casias writes:
Well I talk to Jesus every Tuesday morning and he said that football IS his number 1 priority (followed by keeping gays from eating wedding cakes) so maybe we'll see Tebow, cast aglow, floating above the field on Sundays this year.