Top Picks for This Summer's Underground Music Showcase

The annual Underground Music Showcase (aka The UMS) takes place July 28-31, 2016. Featuring a wide variety of musical artists, the UMS dominates Broadway between Sixth and Alameda avenues and offers shows from hundreds of bands. The majority of the festival's featured acts are based in Denver, but the UMS's outdoor main stage also hosts popular performers from around the country and world. Of the bigger names on the announced lineup so far, we have ranked seven best bets so you can start prioritizing your schedule as further information is released.

7. The Bright Light Social Hour
This Austin-based psychedelic rock band steered away from the usual tropes of the genre long ago. It incorporates synthesizers into its sound and an open-ended compositional style, which allows it to stretch its melodies without quite crossing over into jam-band territory. These guys somehow mixed space rock and pop and made it work, and that's no mean feat.

 6. San Fermin
San Fermin sounds like an evolution of chamber pop, a new incarnation that has adopted a soulful R&B aesthetic and jazz undertones. What sets this band apart from many of its would-be artistic cousins is the rich detail of tones and textures that are supplemental to the main melodies. In that sense, San Fermin is to baroque pop what Talk Talk was to synth pop.

5. The Yawpers
With the flood of blues-based rock revivalists of the last decade and more, it's hard to stand out. But Denver's Yawpers seem to have mastered the art of taking an entirely familiar aesthetic and breathing life and creativity into it.

4. Allah Lahs
Reverb-drenched, '60s-inspired psychedelic rock was already played out by the time Allah Lahs came along. But this band figured out that strong songwriting — not mere stylish imitation — would serve it in good stead in the long term. Despite sounding like something that would have come out of a Los Angeles rock club in the mid-'60s, Allah Lahs nail the vibe, especially live. It could be museum-piece rock, but in this quartet's hands, it has a power and warmth that is often riveting.

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