Reader: City Park Plagued by Geese, Drunk Hipsters and Whiners

For his ongoing series on Denver neighborhoods, Teague Bohlen recently visited City Park, where he found plenty of residents tired of whining newcomers, crowds, poor pet owners...and geese. But others have little sympathy for their complaints. Says Naomi:
I feel quite confident that East High School and the geese have been there long before the whiners showed up. If you don't like your neighborhood, move to another one.
Adds Shane: 
Dog shit and yuppies — that's all City Park has turned into!
Concludes Nick: 
Whine, whine, whine....You choose to live in the City Park area, then these are the things that you must contend with — so quit your bitching and suck it up, buttercup. It is funny that geese top the list and not drunk hipsters.
What do you think about Denver's City Park neighborhood?