Word of Mouth

Reader: Mexi-Snobs Can Go Somewhere Else; I Crave Taco House!

As early as this week — and no later than mid-May — the Littleton Taco House will reopen after a year-long construction project that started with repairs to the roof and grew from there. This Taco House, part of a local chain founded in 1958, is one of only three left in the metro area, and it has both fans and foes. Says Kyri: 
It's like Taco Bell. It's the 1960 idea of Mexican food, but they have some things on their menu (the cheese enchiladas!) that are in a class by themselves, and sometimes you just develop a craving for that taste! The Mexi-snobs can go somewhere else and spend more money.
Counters John:
Hopefully they will have Mexican food instead of the crap they passed off as Mexican food. Having the word Taco in the name doesn't make it authentic or good.
And then there's this from Neil:
Well, that will make Trump and his supporters have a cow.
Have you eaten at any of the Taco House locations? If so, what did you think?